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Набережные Челны
- Папа, давай сходим в цирк с самыми весёлыми клоунами! - Да кто же нас, сынок, на заседание госдумы пустит…
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From @RWSalt
RT @ThomTillis: "@iamtheproffitt: Voted early today for @ThomTillis, then got to hear him/@MittRomney speak, what a day! #NCSEN" http://t.c…
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.@RightCandidates: 06/2013 I told you calling Congress to stop amnesty wouldn't be that effective. Are you man enough to admit I was right?
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.@RightCandidates: calling Congress to #StopAmnesty isn't anywhere near as effective as my ideas could be with more support. #immigration
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@KOSMOSNET @BarrieNJ @gary4205 @red_n_right @greensquirel @Wilfner @RightCandidates: Angle is weak on amnesty: