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Dr Alina Polyakova
Washington DC
President & CEO @CEPA former @BrookingsInst @atlanticcouncil Berkeley PhD, Russia, Europe, democracy, emerging tech and their intersections. Views my own.
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From @juliaioffe
Should I pin this tweet or what?
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From @apolyakova
@juliaioffe We discussed today at Brookings and we think that Dubai is unlikely. Baku!
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From @juliaioffe
@apolyakova I don't care where they meet, I just want credit. That's the most important thing, that I'm right.
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From @KatzOnEarth
@juliaioffe @apolyakova They’re all good neutral locations Brent
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@KatzOnEarth: did you see the disreputable question @juliaioffe & her intern asked DJT Jr? Don't such things just help Trump? Can you direct me to anything she's ever said or done undercutting Trump? Not future promises, but any of her past successes (if any).