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Steve Kuzj
Los Angeles, California
Reporter & Storm Chaser @KTLA 5 News and Host in Los Angeles. Martial Arts, Fitness, Technology. Gamer Voice-over actor. Oh, and now I'm a dad!
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.@stevekuzj: @TheRealJohnHCox ran as very pro-Big Biz fiscal con in a fiscally liberal (& pro-green) state. He didn't go after Dems where weakest: mass/illegal #immigration, SJWs, etc. Most - even in CA - oppose those. #CAGOP keeps running TX/KS candidates in CA. #idiocracy
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.@SteveKuzj: hey Steve. Do you have any idea why USChamber, WalMart, McDonalds, Tyson Foods, etc. want #immigration reform so much? #MayDay