When even Glenn Beck turns on the "Birthers", should they get a clue? (+ HotAir <3 MMFA)

Even Glenn Beck has turned on the "Birthers", saying that he doesn't believe Obama was born in Kenya, that if it came out that he was born there it would result in "civil war", and that "there are other things that you should concentrate on... Who cares about the birth certificate thing? ...What do you say we pay attention to he's appointing Communists..." (The audio is at mediamatters.org/mmtv/200908040011)

Why Beck and those like him are idiots was already discussed here; if you haven't already seen that please go take a look. If Glenn Beck were smart, he could say bad things about the "Birthers" all day long, profess to believe that Obama has told the complete truth about his background all day long, and at the same time use this issue to discredit the mainstream media.

Instead, Glenn Beck is helping the mainstream media smear a good portion of the GOP base and is in effect rewarding the MSM for their deceptive coverage of this issue. If Beck were smart, he could force the MSM to offer better coverage of a wide range of topics, including those he (apparently) cares about. Instead, he's helping the MSM continuing their deceptive coverage of a wide range of topics. The fact that Beck isn't smart enough to turn this to his advantage shouldn't be much of a surprise, considering that he thought that sending tea bags to Congress would be effective.

Note also that the love affair between Media Matters for America and HotAir continues, with Allahpundit embedding the audio at MMFA's link at [1].

Maybe if I FAXed the link above to HotAir or Beck in a nice crayon font they might be able to understand this.

[1] hotair.com/archives/2009/08/04/audio-birtherism-ripped-to-shreds-by-glenn-beck


I'm tired of the fighting by those presumably on the same side. Enough criticizing each other. I love Glenn Beck. I learn a lot in an entertaining fashion....which makes more people watch the show. I can take away info from here, from Savage,from Laura Ingraham,Jerry Doyle, Rush ,even some I don't care for too much.(Like Hannity,O'Reilly) Several blogs are favorites like this one, One Old Vet,Home of the Outraged Patriot, Dustin Inman,Michele Malkin. I guess it pays to grow up in a large family of 13 where everyone 'had' to get along....LOL

Beck, O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Savage are idiots. So are Randi Rhodes, Olberman and Maddow on the left. Complex issues like immigration require those truly capable of helping other understand, folks like Stein, Roy Beck, Norm Matloff, Rob Sanchez, Kirkorian.... As far as talk radio and cable news is concerned, Lou Dobbs is in fact the one true liberal. Dobbs has the greatest respect for the honest opinions of others and reaches out to the widest range of guests and audience. Dobbs even invites his fiercest critics on shows. One can only hope that talk radio and blogs will continue to mature, developing and sustaining an audience capable of more than hyper-partisanship.

Hot Air is a meaningless blog run by idiots. Who gives a fuck?

"Beck, O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Savage are idiots. So are Randi Rhodes, Olberman and Maddow on the left. " Sorry no comparison to those nut jobs. Savage had it right from the get-go, as did Buchanan and Dobbs. I don't like everything Rush says but there is no disputing he is a very sharp guy.