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Southwest Missouri
love my wife, my kids, God, country, guns, and my USA made Indian M. life patron member NRA and proud deplorable. member. Carpenters local 664 confirmed profile
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“I’ll drive it home with a sledgehammer here: America’s immigration system is first and foremost, for the benefit o…
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From @brscheaffer
@BreitbartNews @USCISCuccinelli He's 100% right!
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From @Donna40517794
@BreitbartNews @USCISCuccinelli And Americans SUFFER to give free shit to illeagle alians !!! SCREW YOU AND YOUR ILLEAGLES !!!
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From @superbucks2050
@Donna40517794 @BreitbartNews @USCISCuccinelli He is pro-LEGAL immigration
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Everyone in the Trump admin supports mass immigration. Trump's first immigration plan was the Jeff Flake/Luis Gutierrez "touchback" amnesty. Trump still wants to legalize millions of illegal aliens. MT @superbucks2050 [Cuccinelli is "pro-LEGAL immigration]
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.@brscheaffer: whether Cucinelli is right or not doesn't matter because he's only preaching to the choir. Every good thing you think he's done on immigration will be rolled back by the next admin. He & Trump will have done no permanent good because they can't make valid arguments