What if Stand Up Florida were smart? (interrupts Marco Rubio at RNC convention; SEIU)

The video below shows the SEIU-linked group "Stand Up Florida" ("SUF") [1] engaging in dumb behavior during a Marco Rubio speech at the GOP Convention [2]. Five protesters from that group stand up and start shouting assertions, which Rubio deftly handles.

The much smarter alternative would be for SUF to find a skilled questioner - such as a trial lawyer - to engage Rubio in debate. That questioner would ask tough questions - not just assertions - designed to show why SUF thinks their ideas are better for the U.S. Video of Rubio really being pressed on his policy ideas could get hundreds of thousands of views on video sharing sites and could help spark the real debate about real issues the U.S. sorely needs.

Alternatively, SUF could have used the same five people, but just had them ask the same tough question. And, they could keep doing that (during scheduled Q&A sessions at other events) until he answered. Video of Rubio continually refusing to answer the same tough question would be somewhat effective, and might encourage those who have access to get him to answer it.

For extra credit, the Service Employees International Union group could quiz Rubio about his bad immigration positions, but considering that they're even worse than he is, that's too much to hope for. But, at least they could ask Rubio about his spending and small government ideas.

As it is, SUF achieved very little. They didn't change the minds of anyone in the room, they just entrenched their beliefs further. The chances of them changing the minds of those watching the video or reading about it are very slim. Those standing up might have gotten a nice ego boost and an in-group credibility boost, so if that's the only goal SUF has what they did worked.


* Question Authority describes the plan described above in more detail.

* How to Ask Politicians Tough Questions. Note that my definition of "tough" is far tougher than anything you'll find the establishment media, pundits, or bloggers asking.

[1] From this:

A union-financed group is going after U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, using the anti-corporate language of the Occupy Wall Street movement from an office in the Corporate Building on Corporate Way in West Palm Beach.

...With at least two full-time employees and a tiny office on the second floor of the Corporate Building, Stand Up Florida is financed by a liberal group called One Miami. State records list One Miami's directors as Service Employees International Union Florida State Council President Monica Russo, SEIU Florida Vice President Martha Baker and SEIU Florida executive board member Eric Brakken.

...[Lynne Purvis, the head of SUF, joined] another woman for a topless run through a Scripps Research Institute luncheon at The Breakers in 2004 with "Nature Yes" and "Biotech No" written on their bare backs.

And, they've continued that dedication to sheer intellectualism with this latest effort. Note also that SUF uses the same 1% vs. 99% language as Occupy Wall Street.

[2] From buzzfeed . com/rosiegray/

The first protester, an older man, stood up on the right side of the room and shouted to Rubio about the Republican Party "whoring itself out" to corporations. He was removed by security as the crowd booed and someone yelled, "get a job!"

"I guess he didn't like the assignment," Rubio joked.

Rubio took up his speech where he left off, only to be interrupted by a second protester, this time an older woman. "Mr. Rubio, I want you to pay your fair share!"

Rubio laughed and responded: "All right, where's the hidden camera?"

It went on like that.