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Zhi Zhu
"All mimsy were the borogoves..." world traveler, avid reader, raises chickens in rural Texas
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Stephen Moore says of his comments that the male needs to be the breadwinner of the family” in 2000: “I shouldn’t h…
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From @ZhiZhuWeb
@KFILE Stephen Moore is openly misogynistic. His toxic attitudes towards women should disqualify him from any public office. #NoMoore
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From @JackRottie
@ZhiZhuWeb @KFILE That’s pretty much the entire GOP though..
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From @Bongley72
@KFILE It was the year 2000 not 1950 jfc
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From @ZhiZhuWeb
@JackRottie @KFILE I can't argue with that. Perhaps not every member of the GOP is a misogynist, but the party as…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Hush. Unless you're also a Disabled Female LGBTQ Lesbian Person of Color, you have *no right* to talk about the GOP's Oppression! MT @ZhiZhuWeb Perhaps not every member of the GOP is a misogynist, but the party as a whole certainly behaves in a very misogynistic way
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Anti-American -> MT @Bongley72 Maybe reason men are making proportionally less than women is because some men who used to rely on union jobs in industries that no longer exist. Or maybe it’s because they are a bunch of cry babies that won’t increase their skills with the times.