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From @TheRickWilson
My latest for @thedailybeast calls down the fire on @realDonaldTrump. Our Commander in Chief is a Petulant Little…
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From @wheatus
@TheRickWilson @thedailybeast @realDonaldTrump Assuming, for a moment, we survive this...what new Constiturional me…
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From @Clayfoot
@wheatus @TheRickWilson @thedailybeast @realDonaldTrump Remove the requirement to try articles of impeachment in th…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Clayfoot: Trump's signature issue is vaporware. It's incredibly easy to show that to his fans. Those like @wheatus & @TheRickWilson simply aren't smart enough to realize they could have easily undercut Trump's raison d'etre years ago, easily preventing him from winning.
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From @daveweigel
Literally LOL’d a the last one here
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From @wheatus
@daveweigel The term “influencer” oooofah.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@wheatus: FYI, Weigel wrote about me on his personal blog several years ago & then refused to approve the comment where I pointed out how he was lying. I.e., he ignored the "right of reply" real journalists abide by. He has no integrity.