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Roger McKasson
SW New Mexico U.S.A.
Indie Author/ Artist. Visionary Metaphysical, Sci-Fi/ Paranormal Author of 7 novels & 3 short story books. Available on Amazon.
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RT @cmbrookins: Ran across an immigration cartoon today that fits! @HavocRock @SonnyMaken @bjmertusova
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.@rmckasson: @cmbrookins engages in this fallacy: Don't be duped into aiding #NeoLiberal policies. #ows
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The immigration article makes some valid points about policy problems, but no solution. @24AheadDotCom @rmckasson
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@cmbrookins @24AheadDotCom Something definitely needs to be done, what we are doing isn't working! Need to make work visas quicker & easier.