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Pema Levy
Washington, D.C.
Reporter @MotherJones, considered by many the bottom rung of journalism in America
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From @morgfair
RT @pemalevy: Sessions is declining to say what he would do with 800k Dreamers who have signed up for DACA
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.@morgfair: please consider the downsides to DREAM Act & DACA you don't hear about: its negative impacts on US students/workers & on Mexico.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@morgfair: under 6k students in Mexico excel at math each year. If some come here as DREAMers, that harms Mexico. DACA = braindrain for MX.
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.@morgfair: in U.S., limited education resources means giving college slots to DREAMers takes those same slots from lower-income Americans.
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@pemalevy - self-styled "News Writer" for #TPM - falsely calls @alipac "anti-immigration". #Occupy #tlot #GOP #teaparty #tcot #TopProg #OWS