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Unpersuaded Writer | #1P1V | Religion is a bet some will lose | Truth is absolute | Love cannot be destroyed | Time is a human creation, use it wisely
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RT @Unpersuaded112: You #colluded and #conspired with the #Russians , you #obstructed #justice by firing #Comey . YOU know this and its dri…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
He's also a cheerleader for amnesty, something he base really doesn't want. Since that's the much easier way to undercut him, why isn't #TheResistance using it? MT @AuthorLRClaude RT @Unpersuaded112: [a Trump] You #colluded and #conspired with the #Russians
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From @IrishinNOLA
RT @Unpersuaded112: #Wisconsin Gov Scott #Walker already planning to opt out of pre-existing conditions with #trumpcare loophole https://t.…
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.@IrishinNOLA @Unpersuaded112: how you try to stop AHCA is vitally important. If people just rant @ townhalls, that'll help politicians.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@IrishinNOLA @Unpersuaded112: pols can easily handle rants & weak questions. Tough questions'll throw them for a loop. See my pinned tweet.