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Julia Kline
I write, speak, coach & podcast about abuse of power. My next book is Heal Your Sales Wounds(TM). The podcast is Solving #MeToo. I amplify strong female voices.
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From @RepMikeQuigley
This latest reporting on the President's efforts to implement his inhumane immigration policies also represents a d…
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From @Julia_Kline
@RepMikeQuigley I'm glad you're on the right side of immigration but where is your response to the president's twee…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Julia_Kline: @RepMikeQuigley isn't on the right side of immigration. He, the Koch bros, U.S. Chamber, Tyson Foods, & Trump would all increase immigration to help Big Biz lower wages. The derp things Trump has done have made it more likely you support mass immigration, yes?
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From @Julia_Kline
@24AheadDotCom_ @RepMikeQuigley Hell yes we need more immigration. As well as Elizabeth Warren's 7% tax on the bigg…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
You & @RepMikeQuigley live in the same economic fantasy world. Mass #immigration undercuts min wage. MT @Julia_Kline Hell yes we need more immigration. As well as Liz Warren's 7% tax on the biggest companies as well as her 2% wealth tax as well as a $15 federal minimum wage...