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wanderer. politics junkie. music fiend. @FortuneMagazine writer // formerly @PortlandComms, @NBCNews, @huffpostpol etc.
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I think it's worth asking (maybe not in this exact moment) why representation is based on states. There are so many…
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.@halliestratton: @tashkala blogged the deceptive thoughts of Parscale but she doesn't seem interested in correcting the record. If you'd like to try the real journalism she's not interested in doing, see "Brad Parscale is Wrong about Twitter Censorship" on Youtube.
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.@tashkala: @TomSteyer lacks the IQ to show Trump wrong to #MAGA, extremely easy for me. He can't even discredit Dilbert! Sad.
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.@tashkala: I've opposed Trump for 2+ years, but a peeved oligarch like @TomSteyer trying to silence 10s of millions is a far greater threat
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@tashkala: you cheer @TomSteyer impeachment petition gets 1 million sigs. That's only 62 million less Trump's votes (that Tom'd silence).