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Matt Berman🖊
Philadelphia, PA
Advertising Strategy | Creative Direction | Copywriting @phlmadecreative
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Brad Parscale - Text TRUMP to 88022's avatar
From @parscale
Well said @charliekirk11. Everyone should watch this video, then think.
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From @MADEmattEB
@parscale @charliekirk11 It occurred to me a $5.7B wall within the $4T annual budget - if compared to an average fe…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@MADEmattEB: GWB made a big deal about border security, in order to get amnesty. Trump is similar. Trump supports amnesty (which would increase legal/illegal immigration) and Congress would tear down his "wall" as soon as he's out of office. @Parscale is trying to deceive you.