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Barat Ellman
Rabbi & Prof of Religion w/ a passion for prison & criminal justice reform; fighting anti-black racism; & supporting immigrants and refugees. Also run & do yoga
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From @BaratEllman
Over 1000 Jews shut down Amazon’s 34th St store demanding that it cut ties with ICE. 36 were arrested We chanted Ei…
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From @tromyam
@BaratEllman @RennwegYid My son @akiva_hirsch was a marshal for JFREJ. I am so proud of him and everyone. I attende…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@tromyam: you & @BaratEllman support loose borders, a Big Biz scheme designed to lower wages. If you aren't funded by Koch bros & U.S. Chamber you should be. Loose borders also increase border deaths & make things even worse in Mexico. Where's your morality?