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Alexandria, VA
Retired Kindergarten teacher, baseball, nieces & nephews, politics, family, New England, Washington Nationals, proud resident of the DMV & daughter of USMC ⚾️
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From @ChrisCuomo
Scott says dems are cheating. Trump says he is right. Both offer no proof. Then law enforcement confirms what seems…
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From @michaeljashmore
@ChrisCuomo Did you even read the judges ruling?
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From @ella_earle
@michaeljashmore @ChrisCuomo He'd have to be able to read.
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From @CrowleyAntmarga
@ella_earle @michaeljashmore @ChrisCuomo Mary, Chris Cuomo is brilliant. It’s Trump that doesn’t read. Have you not…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Some Trump misspellings are intentional. @ChrisCuomo refuses to act as a real lawyer would & use Socratic questioning against Trump officials/proxies. He's Kellyanne's [redacted]. MT @CrowleyAntmarga ...Chris Cuomo is brilliant... Have you noticed [Trump's] misspelled words?
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From @natemcdermott
Trump ambassador nominee promoted conspiracy that Heidi Cruz wanted to create the North American Union in order to…
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From @CrowleyAntmarga
@natemcdermott @DustinGiebel Well, was he wrong?? #sarcasm
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@natemcdermott: you blog Trump amb nominee Leandro Rizzuto Jr "promoted fringe conspiracy theories on Twitter" like that Heidi Cruz would head the NAU. Was the GWB admin working on "continental integration" (US/MX/CA in a superstate of some kind) or is that just a crazy myth?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@CrowleyAntmarga: I don't know about Heidi Cruz heading the NAU, but Wikileaks posted a cable that showed the GWB admin was pitching Canada on "continental integration" in 2005. Yet, @KFile presents the whole thing as fictional. #CNN