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Scott Nevins
Los Angeles, CA
TV Personality & Host | Political & Entertainment News Contributor | Jokester | #OUT100 Honoree | Godfather | @DrPhilipHodges fiancé.
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I'm right behind the podium for Hillarys historic speech tonight!!! #ImWithHer
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.@ScottNevins: you getting PR is definitely more important to the USA than good policies. So, don't even try to ask Hillary tough questions.
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From @BiasedGirl
@davmckean I'm not suggesting we don't have an immigration issue, but it starts with making legal immigration easier. @ScottNevins
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@davmckean: @BiasedGirl debases her fellow citizens, & the idea that more legal #immigration will solve things is ludicrous due to supply.