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Miranda Yaver
Los Angeles, CA
Political scientist (US law & policy), Health Policy & Management Postdoc @UCLA, freelance writer, @Columbia PhD, Cal bear, @springsteen fiend, @warriors fan
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From @atrupar
Wimpy lib toilet flushing becoming a 2020 issue for Trump is just too perfect. It's exactly what our times call for.
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From @mirandayaver
@atrupar This is such a stupid time to be alive.
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From @professor_gumby
@mirandayaver @atrupar I feel bad my dog has to live through this and he only gets 16 years, tops.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Indeed. Those like alleged PhD Miranda Yaver are too dim, deranged, & unpatriotic to undercut Trump to his base. Even when he does a Hank Hill impersonation. MT @professor_gumby MT @mirandayaver [to Trump's toilet proposals: "This is such a stupid time to be alive"]