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Charles Knight
Wash. DC & Cambridge, MA USA
co-founder of Project on Defense Alternatives (PDA): innovative policy analysis since 1991. Researchers: Charles Knight & Carl Conetta.
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From @DLeonhardt
Centrism is an ideology. Too often, we in the media treat centrism as inherently sensible.
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From @defensealt
@DLeonhardt @CherylRofer Reflexive centrism cedes agency to those already in power. It is inherently conservative…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@defensealt: now, @DLeonhardt blogs "The Presidential Nominating Process Is Absurd". What's absurd is McDonald's fry cook applicants get asked tougher questions than any politician ever is. That's why Trump won & will again. Start demanding Leonhardt etc finally do their jobs.