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Arlington, VA
Chief Strategist at Politidope, Inc. • Chief of Staff: @SenDaveMarsden • Jas' husband • fan of Wawa & the Eagles • 🤳🏽 at
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PENCE was set to evacuate infected Americans from a cruise ship. Then TRUMP stepped in — worried how “the numbers”…
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From @ddiamond
Trump yesterday on whether to evac infected Americans from cruise. TRUMP: I would like to have the people stay… I…
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@ddiamond @Politidope For everyone who wants a visual on the relative contagion properties of COVID-19, (not lethal…
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.@DavKat43: pretend @ddiamond is a drug & evaluate his efficacy at making Trump better. Has anything it - or all the fungible other things like it - ever - even just once - had any impact on what really matters. 1000s are going to die because people like you enable those like it