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35K feet above your head
Senior Writer for @ActionNetworkHQ | Podcasting @ActionNetPod | Engineering Grad #WPS 🐗 |
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From @_Collin1
All I’m trying to watch is Joe Burrow’s ribs and this poor kid got donked #NationalChampionship
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From @jorcubsdan
@_Collin1 Worst part is how hard he tries to play it cool in front of Burrow like nothing happened, but then is cle…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@jorcubsdan: @_Collin1 is paid to hype a sport that causes huge damage to 100s of players per year, & he's worried about a teen getting hit by a ball? Kneeball is a joke sport too: non-athlete/non-thinking players who are hostile to their audience, constant delays, etc.