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Sal Russo
Sacramento, CA
Co-founder & Chief Strategist of @TeaPartyExpress. President of Russo Marsh + Associates, Inc. Reagan/Kemp Conservative.
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.@grandpa_jimbo: ask those who hyped #Teaparty Express like @instapundit & Althouse to make up for it by publicly turning on them now. #ows
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From @grandpa_jimbo
@24AheadDotCom @instapundit - Interesting that @AmyKremer resigned a month ago & now @SalRusso1 comes out of the closet 4 #amnesty
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RT @BBBimmigration: Our leaders @SalRusso1 @GroverNorquist @AlCardenasACU are seizing the momentum to #VoteOnReform this year // #Teaparty
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.@24AheadDotCom @BBBimmigration @SalRusso1 @AlCardenasACU Maybe it's time for @gunowners to ask @NRA why @GroverNorquist is on its board.
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#Teaparty carpetbagger @SalRusso1 supports mass legalization in #TheHill, says he supports Sessions' approach on Ingraham show. #tcot #gop