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My fortress-like compound
Former aspirant now resting comfortably at home, surrounded by my loving mammals. Please preserve this account in perpetuity in the event of my death.
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From @JonahNRO
I’m furious at @willwilkinson right now. I think he’s in a defensive crouch lashing out. But maybe I’m wrong. Or ma…
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From @jeremymstamper
@JonahNRO @willwilkinson Sleep well in the knowledge that he’s monumentally wrong.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@jeremymstamper: @willwilkinson smeared me - me! - in the august pages of #TheEconomist. I'd earlier tricked him into pushing modern-day slavery in the not-so-august pages of #Reason. Where was @JonahNRO in all of that?