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From @TheBabylonBee
Trump 2020 Campaign To Simply Air Unedited Footage Of Democrats Talking
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From @beinlibertarian
@TheBabylonBee To be fair the Democrat campaign could also simply air unedited footage of Trump talking.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Suggest you act like an adult & a citizen & work to have both Dems & GOP asked tough policy questions. MT @beinlibertarian To be fair [Dems] could also simply air unedited footage of Trump talking. MT @TheBabylonBee [GOP could oppose Dems just by airing them talking]
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From @TheBabylonBee
Some of you have asked, "How can I reduce the amount of money in my bank account by $5 or $10 per month?" That's e…
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From @meade6487
@TheBabylonBee Came here to post this. It's almost as good as giving you my money.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@meade6487: @TheBabylonBee is worthless at undercutting Snopes. Snopes is mainstream (even when they aren't), TBB is conservative (and thus self-marginalizing). If they opposed Snopes in smart, sane, patriotic, & big tent ways then they might be of some use.
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From @AnnetteGH86
Resurrected Che Guevara Announces 2020 Run, Democrats Quickly Criticize As 'Too Moderate' via @TheBabylonBee
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From @lifeguardone
@AnnetteGH86 @AnnCoulter @TheBabylonBee Che's intolerance toward blacks and gays would doom him. That said, I'd li…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
All Dem candidates are extremely vulnerable to their base on their pro-Big Biz immigration stances. Does the GOP harp on that, or on things like Pocahontas, etc.? MT @lifeguardone [Che's intolerance would doom him, etc] @MT AnnetteGH86 ["Dems" would think Che is "too moderate"]
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From @TheBabylonBee
Snopes Introduces New 'Factually Inaccurate But Morally Right' Fact Check Result
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From @Edohiguma
@TheBabylonBee Don't give them ideas.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Edohiguma: after Katrina, #Snopes lied about "phantom cops", i.e., no-show jobs. I called them on it at the time & they tried to cover up their lie. That would really undercut them to their dupes. Can you direct me to @TheBabylonBee or any cons helping me undercut Snopes?