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Indy 🇺🇲 🇮🇱 #Trump2020 #FreeFlynn
United States
I voted for the businessman not the corrupt politician. Socialism/Communism, identity politics & MSM SUCKS! #KAG ❤GOD ❤JazzMusic ❤Family #SavingLivesMatters
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From @BreitbartNews
.@joelpollak: Note how Schiff’s statement moved from language covering all possibilities (“the FBI or any intellige…
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From @Indy4MAGA
@BreitbartNews @joelpollak Exactly...he thinks changing the semantics makes him not a liar! Lmao!! What a fool...
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Indy4MAGA: speaking about semantics, #Breitbart keeps presenting an un- and anti-American amnesty as "pro-American". @joelpollak supports amnesty because the GWB/Obama/HRC amnesty now has Trump's name on it. #MAGA must demand Breitbart stops enabling Trump's amnesty push.