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believe basic human rights should be protected, healthcare is a right, climate change is happening, that we evolved, real news and facts
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@smerconish If Iowa is pausing in order to do the correct thing, then I applaud them. However, we need paper ballots in all elections.
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.@cynphonyrae: I agree on paper ballots. But we also desperately need a media that aren't just sycophantic slags like @smerconish. He had Dilbert - a key figure in Trump's rise - on 2x & treated him like a celeb rather than pressing him in the huge flaws in his ideas.
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@24AheadDotCom_ @cynphonyrae @smerconish Lol. Imagine thinking the "all powerful @smerconish" is responsible for…
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.@DonMcLubin: your childish snark, obsession with @smerconish, & failure to realize how vulnerable Trump is are all linked. I've posted how to show a key Trump tactic wrong & I've also tied Trump fans into knots using those arguments. Ever see a lawyer show a witness is wrong?