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Christine Greene
Griffin, Georgia
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From @tweet4upatriots
GOODBYE GOP YOU SHUT DOWN OUR VOICE #TedCruzVoters #MikeLeeVoters @marklevinshow @glennbeck @BuckSexton @ChuckNellis
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From @AndrewInAustin
@tweet4upatriots @GigiGreene @marklevinshow @glennbeck @BuckSexton we can't always have our way, we must still fight against evil hillary
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From @tweet4upatriots
@AndrewInAustin @GigiGreene @marklevinshow @glennbeck @BuckSexton TRUMP IS HILLARY DONOR, NO DIFFERENCE IT'S JUST ABOUT THE THRONE
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From @placeholderacctignorethis
@tweet4upatriots @GigiGreene @marklevinshow @glennbeck @BuckSexton Now he's the nominee, I'll support him to stop Hillary, only reason
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@AndrewInAustin: I've tried w/o luck to get @BuckSexton to smarten Trump up instead of enabling him. He's little better than Hill now.