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Maria McGrath
San Mateo, CA
Retired Foreign Service, lover of all things Italian, tulip grower, home chef & die-hard SF Giants fan. Partial to anything Robert Redford & Kurt Russell.
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From @russbuettner
Breaking: We have the figures from President Trump’s tax returns for 85 through 94, chronicling $1.1 billion in los…
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From @IkyCat
@russbuettner @maddow @susannecraig Great reporting.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
You're as much as grifter as Bossie, Russ. He just does grifting right, you grift & don't make much at it. MAGA cares about 2019, not 1985. You aren't smart or experienced enough to grok that. MT @russbuettner Breaking: We have the figures from Trump’s tax returns for 85 to 94
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@IkyCat: Trump's 80s/90s taxes are no doubt entertaining for some, but Trump fans are concerned about *2019*. Nothing @russbuettner ever blogs will impact Trump. Were you involved in undercutting foreign leaders? Would you have hired a blogger like Russ for such a job?