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Nick Mizaur
Manhattan, NY
Political Animal. Policy Wonk. Avid Traveler. Aspiring Polyglot. Rusty Musician. Woke, but tired. DC // NYC. Carpe DM.
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From @sambrodey
Do you work in a federal building in DC? Does your office have banks of TVs that are on? If so, shoot me a message — DMs are open.
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From @NickMizaur
@sambrodey @woodruffbets I worked in the HCHB (Commerce) during the Obama administration. We had TVs on nonstop pla…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Do you think that indicates a grown-up ability to deal with defeat? Are you in counseling? MT @NickMizaur I [was an Obama under-under-underling]. We had TVs [on 24/7 in Commerce] until Election Day 2016. [Then] we turned almost all of them off & didn't turn them back on