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Nicholas Slayton
Los Angeles, most of the time
Liberal journalist idiot acc to Shkreli. Writer/co-editor @downtownnews. Bylines @theatlantic @ASLANMedia @indiewire @io9 @syfywire Views my own. RT≠endorsement
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From @SeanMcElwee
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From @NSlayton
@SeanMcElwee To quote the 1995 cinematic masterpiece (I'm serious, it's so good) Hackers, Sean, "you're pretty good. You're elite!"
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@NSlayton: if @SeanMcElwee had his way, would wages rise or fall for lower-skilled workers? If he isn't already, he should be getting a check from U.S. Chamber, the Koch bros, & WalMart. He'd help them get all the cheap labor they want. #AbolishICE = #Koch.