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Elissa Slotkin
Holly, MI
Proud Michigander. Representative #MI08. Former Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense, @CIA.
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From @bware51
@tribelaw @ElissaSlotkin Exactly! As I tweeted earlier, she's got more, and bigger Kahuna's than the entire Republican party put together!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@bware51: yet, @tribelaw admits his quixotic impeachment quest might cost @ElissaSlotkin her job. If Tribe were smart, he could've kept Trump from being elected or reduced his popularity & Slotkin wouldn't be impacted. Reality shows Tribe isn't smart. Why enable him?
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From @tribelaw
Ditto! @ElissaSlotkin is what a member of Congress should aspire to be. Dedicated to more than her own re-election.
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From @NavyNana2
@tribelaw @ElissaSlotkin If only all members of Congress were as concerned about their country as she is. Kudos to…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@NavyNana2: a simple question (scroll back my feed) would discredit Trump proxies & doing that would devastate Trump. @tribelaw could've easily pushed that for 4+ years. Instead, he now admits impeachment will cost @ElissaSlotkin her job. Why enable someone who helps GOP?