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Lantheos (Chris O'Neil)
Central Florida
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From @RatherBeDrummin
Everyone is at E3 and I'm over here just like
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From @TopherOneil
@RatherBeDrummin Btw I finally tried that berry flavored @drpepper. Wasn’t a fan. Tasted like cough syrup. Sorry bud.
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From @libbyk
@TopherOneil @RatherBeDrummin @drpepper can confirm it kinda gross
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From @RatherBeDrummin
@libbyk @TopherOneil @drpepper Lan, you get a pass since you aren't Texan. You just don't know any better. Libby,…
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From @TopherOneil
@RatherBeDrummin @libbyk @drpepper What!?!? So Texans drink cough syrup for fun???
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@TopherOneil: an obscure point about @DrPepper is their 2018 ad calling #soccer a "gateway drug" to lacrosse. U.S. football is a gateway drug to wrestling & gladiator movies. NTTAWWT.