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Elevating the conversation around Latino news in the United States. Direct any questions to @SandraLilley @SuzGamboa.
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RT @ErikaAndiola: "@NBCLatino: Immigration activists take on Rep. Steve King on upcoming Iowa event @erikaandiola @mhildreth…
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.@FrankSharry: @KausMickey has worked hard to in effect help you with your amnesty efforts. Doesn't he deserve some kind of recognition?
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What #billionaire Carlos Slim's Acceso #Latino site aims to do. @jepassy for @NBCLatino.
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.@cunyjschool: since you keep hyping @jepassy, do you mind if I point out to potential students that you suck?
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RT @NBCLatino: 10 tips from an #immigration lawyer on filing a successful #deferredaction application// #Teaparty #tcot #GOP #sgp #tpp #phnm