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Donald J. Trump
I am Trollie Mctroll Face! bing bing bong -parody bing bing bong! ---Trump is the best candidate ever ----- Legalize Marijuana 2016! destroy the GOP 🇺🇸
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From @Scavino45
Today, @POTUS @reaDonaldTrump hosted Collegiate National ChampionsDay! Check out raw video with a dozen+ @NCAA CHA…
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From @cindy_csomer37
@Scavino45 @POTUS @reaDonaldTrump @NCAA @Scavino45 i love Trump, but i totally disagree on this big game decision.…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@cindy_csomer37 says "i love Trump, but i totally disagree on this big game decision". Personality cults aren't American, & Trump has done even more: harming non-wealthy on taxes, colluding with Pelosi on amnesty, continuing Obama's refugees agenda, and on and on. @Scavino45