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21-year veteran of the U.S Senate. 12 years w/Senator Kennedy and 6 w/Leader Harry Reid. Public affairs consultant for hire, so called democratic “strategist”
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From @ewong
Why did Trump shift his tone on the new coronavirus? Possibly because of a new UK report that says 2 million Americ…
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From @dontchadovoodoo
@ewong @jamespmanley @sherifink Also why they jumped to otherize the virus. Calling it a China virus or foreign vir…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Virusism! #MAGA #resist #idiocracy RT @dontchadovoodoo Also why they jumped to otherize the virus. Calling it a China virus or foreign virus to make it look like an attack. These people are deplorable.
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From @jonathanchait
I have already laid out my basic theory of Jay Sekulow, which is that he is just a stone-cold moron
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From @RealBenisons
@jonathanchait @jamespmanley so long as most citizens aren't taken in, he can keep on with his evasions + empty for…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@RealBenisons: way back in 2015 I accurately predicted how Trump's signature issues would fail (see my Trump page). If @jonathanchait had pushed my arguments, Trump would be a footnote. Instead, Chait just impotently whines for a tiny echo chamber, never impacting Trump.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@jamespmanley @WhenSquidsParty: to undercut Lewandowski, you have to do it to his base. Doing it to those who already oppose him doesn't count. He supports full amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. Point that out to MAGA if you really want to undercut him where it matters.
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.@jamespmanley: hey Jim, you RTed Sharry hyping Kilgore. Now see & #immigration #tcot
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From @24aheaddotcom
.@jamespmanley: @ThePlumLineGS isn't smart enough to answer any of my questions: He's just a clueless hack. #ows
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From @24aheaddotcom
.@jamespmanley: @bterris lied about a group and refuses to correct it: You can't trust his "reporting". #ows #tcot