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21-year veteran of the U.S Senate. 12 years w/Senator Kennedy and 6 w/Majority Leader Harry Reid. Public affairs consultant, so called democratic strategist
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.@jamespmanley @WhenSquidsParty: to undercut Lewandowski, you have to do it to his base. Doing it to those who already oppose him doesn't count. He supports full amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. Point that out to MAGA if you really want to undercut him where it matters.
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.@jamespmanley: hey Jim, you RTed Sharry hyping Kilgore. Now see & #immigration #tcot
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.@jamespmanley: @ThePlumLineGS isn't smart enough to answer any of my questions: He's just a clueless hack. #ows
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.@jamespmanley: @bterris lied about a group and refuses to correct it: You can't trust his "reporting". #ows #tcot