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Kansas Basketball
Allen Fieldhouse
#PayHeed All Who Enter…Official Tweets from #KUbball
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From @ScotPollard31
In my day we turned on the tv and @KUHoops was on. I dont have time to learn how to use the internet to watch sports! #WVUvsKU #oldmantweet
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From @pjsinsights
@ScotPollard31 @KUHoops Scot, that def is a dad tweet. Cmon it couldn’t be easier to stream a game.
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From @ScotPollard31
@pjsinsights @KUHoops Sure. I’ll ignore the thousands of dollars I spent on my home entertainment system and the hu…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ScotPollard31: I don't know what you're whining about, ESPN must play 1000s of Ball-in-Hoop games a year. What they don't do is show winter baseball or real football (aka soccer).