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Michael Sitarzewski
United States
Husband, father, perpetually curious, rule breaker, startup guy, innovator. Living in 350 sq ft @EpicMiniLife creator of @inboundgeo
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From @DowntownDTown
Holy shit @Lessig for president! #Lessig4Prez
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From @msitarzewski
Isn’t that interesting? RT @DowntownDTown: Holy shit @Lessig for president! #Lessig4Prez
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From @DowntownDTown
@msitarzewski The (D) primary just got a LOT more interesting. That's one helluva platform– dangerously sensible. #lessig2016
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@DowntownDTown @msitarzewski: here's what @Lessig2016 doesn't understand: Please help - don't enable - them.