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Anita Kumar
Washington, D.C.
White House Correspondent & Associate Editor @POLITICO, @WHCA board member. Previously: @McClatchyDC @WashingtonPost & @TB_Times
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From @tedhesson
The White House is eying former FAIR executive director Julie Kirchner to lead USCIS. Story with @anitakumar01…
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From @BMbsf
@tedhesson @yjtorbati @anitakumar01 @AndrewRestuccia Kakistocracy...
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@BMbsf @Ed650b: FYI, #Twitter censored your replies to TedHesson. Log in as a different user & look at his reply page: your tweets are invisible. If you don't like being silenced, find a reporter to cover the findings at my pinned tweet. (That'll also show Trump & GOP wrong).
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From @anitakumar01
Jerry Brown pardons five immigrants facing deportation via @akoseff
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@anitakumar01: aren't journalists supposed to pretend they tell pravda? Yet, @akoseff is lying to his readers. In "Brown pardons 5 immigrants" ona ckazala "clemency is [esp] significant for immigrants..even if they have legal resident status". Non-LPRs aren't "immigrants".