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MSNBC announces four all-star all-female moderators for November debate - @maddow, @kwelkernbc, @mitchellreports an…
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From @HerbSpeaks
@darehgregorian @maggieNYT @maddow @kwelkernbc @mitchellreports @AshleyRParker @NBCNews I'm good with that. candidates?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
That's certainly a step up from when those of the wrong gender asked the same incredibly weak questions that didn't put politicians on the spot. That they're the right gender makes it OK! MT @HerbSpeaks [cheers] MT @darehgregorian [all 4 MSNBC debate mods are of right gender]
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From @jswatz
Puerto Rican leaders say the delay to thousands of stalled projects is a reflection of unequal treatment from the W…
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From @glor0428
@jswatz @mitchellreports @PatriciaMazzei Not really fair comparison; TX and LA have reliable infrastructure in plac…
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.@glor0428: Trump's FEMA had to rush order sat phones *after* Maria from a phone store in Miami. Trump could've easily got small teams to each PR settlement within a day, it took over a week. On the plus side (for Trump) @jswatz etc are incapable of holding him accountable.