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It's my mission to defend and spread freedom | Middle East/U.S./EU | @PJMedia_com | @DDStandaard | Libertarian-Conservative | Husband | Dad | @MikevdGalienNL
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.@MikevdGalien: if you really oppose #Twitter censorship no matter who's being censored, then you'll help a big tent movement (not just cons, not just cons and libs, but everyone) to fight them censoring & deceiving potentially millions of their users. Will you help out?
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.@MikevdGalien: you asked if #Twitter is shadowbanning Ted Cruz. I don't know, but my app (top tweet) shows many tweets to him from liberals are censored. About as many tweets from libs as from cons are censored to various newsmakers (Rand Paul, Pelosi, Ajit Pai, Pruitt, etc.)