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Julia Salazar for State Senate
Bushwick, Brooklyn
Campaign account of the nominee for State Senate in New York’s 18th District (North Brooklyn). Democratic socialist, union member. Vote on November 6th!
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From @SalazarSenate18
I’ve received many questions from supporters today about an article. I’ll be responding thoroughly to some of the q…
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From @redsteeze
@SalazarSenate18 Hi Julia, please explain this change. Thanks.
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From @rafaelshimunov
@redsteeze @SalazarSenate18 If you actually read her response, she says even a staffer was confused. Guess who upda…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@rafaelshimunov: watch out: @redsteeze will soon switch to policy & really press @SalazarSenate18 on the huge problems with her #immigration stance. Like how this bill she supports would keep some Americans out of college:
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@salazarsenate18: @xlorentzen fails as a reporter, so questions for you. Please explain how your #immigration stance differs from that of the #Koch bros. They don't want ICE either & they want loose borders just like you. Why do the Koch bros want the same things you do?