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Washington, DC
Obsessed @UWBadgers & Detroit sports fan. Progressive, fmr @JenGranholm, @GovHowardDean, @ChrisVanHollen, @AFSCME, @LinkedIn & now @TheDemCoalition & on my own.
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Question: After a president aligns with a tyrant over his own intel community, are the NFL players taking a knee st…
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.@chuckwestover: if you had an IQ you wouldn't ask such a question. Most #MAGA oppose NFL over #TakeAKnee. You're aligning opposition to Trump's actions in Helsinki with support for Kaepernick. You simply aren't smart enough. Help those who are, stop helping Trump.
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.@chuckwestover: pretend you're cashier at smalltown #WalMart. #Immigration "reform" means 10 new competitors for your job. Cui bono? #ows
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.@chuckwestover of #AFSCME "[uses] digital media to support working folks". As in, supporting illegal aliens over American workers. #occupy