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Host of 'The Last Laugh' podcast and senior writer @TheDailyBeast | matt.wilstein @ thedailybeast-dot-com
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kids today have no idea the freak-out that ellen coming out created. a major, important cultural moment.
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@owillis @mattwilstein Also, before that, LGBT people had no true honest TV role models! #EllenDeGeneres is our role model!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@LarryTenney: mattwilstein blogs that Jon Stewart "Eviscerate[d]" Rand Paul over 9/11 funding. Stewart testified over a month ago, did that move the needle on the issue? Isn't Wilstein just a Breitbart-style grifter trying to profit from clicks?
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From @sspencer_smb
“Florida could lose up to one million homes this century” --@jaketapper "Sea levels are rising but I'm not sure…
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.@sspencer_smb: @mattwilstein is an entertainment reporter. Tapper works for a company that traded going easy on Saddam for access. A real line of questioning - like you hear in a courtroom - would have really put Rubio on the spot. Demand better from those who get access.
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Fragile, impotent #TheResistance buffoon @mattwilstein has blocked me despite never tweeting it under that name (it probably had another name before but I'm not going to bother looking it up). #MAGA
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JUST IN: @ComedyCentral renews @corporate for season 2 - congrats @mattingebretson and @weismanjake
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@mattwilstein @ComedyCentral @corporate @weismanjake God bless you Matt
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.@mattingebretson: @mattwilstein hypes Trevor Noah mocking Trump. When has a late night comic mocking Trump ever not just *helped* Trump? There are smart things that'd really undercut Trump, but Wilstein can't even conceive of them. Help him do a better job. #DailyBeast