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Russ Parsons
Los Angeles
former @LATimesfood editor and columnist, #author How to Pick a Peach & How to Read a French Fry.
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From @timmaytusa
A great use of AR to visually explain why the rescue is so difficult. Insane to imagine divers have to remove the t…
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From @Russ_Parsons1
@timmaytusa @hbecerraLATimes Makes you wonder how in the hell they got in there in the first place.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Russ_Parsons1: @hbecerraLATimes peddles the #LATimes mythologizing that #Willowbrook was somehow related to Trump when blacks/Hispanics have had issues in South L.A. for decades. How can you trust anything he says? #LosAngeles