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jennifer steinhauer
Washington DC
New York Times reporter: mostly veterans, some politics, at times, meatloaf. Author of "The Firsts," the story of the women of the 116th Congress coming 3/10/20
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.@jestei @FrankBruni: wouldn't "cross-examining" @kayleighmcenany etc to her face on video break out of echo chambers? When'll you do it?
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.@jestei @FrankBruni: if someone "cross-examined" a Trump hack - eg @kayleighmcenany - to her face over her lies/bad ideas - like in court..
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Excellent job by @jestei & @FrankBruni to realize that fact checks in echo chambers aren't that effective. Let me help with a workaround.
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A marching band. Ricotta and pear cake. And a discussion of social woes. @grynbaum on @BilldeBlasio's dream day.
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@MichaelPaulson @grynbaum @BilldeBlasio If only @jestei were covering we would have the complete recipes for each stop.
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@BillCunningham8 @MichaelPaulson @BilldeBlasio @jestei working on it
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@grynbaum @BillCunningham8 @MichaelPaulson clearly my career highlights.
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.@jestei: in which current/former countries would this @michaelpaulson report be good journalism: ? #PravdaVHudson