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Pres-@futuromedia; anchor & EP @LatinoUSA @NPR, America By the Numbers @ABTNTV on @PBS, Host @InTheThickShow RTs not endorse @depaulU prof
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From @TheJimHughes
RT @TheJimHughes: @MarkSKrikorian @kausmickey @Maria_Hinojosa Kind of Iike the wall, eh? If you did nothing about it for 2+ years, how can…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@TheJimHughes: all the leading anti-amnesty voices are extremely vulnerable because they're just grifters. Like amnesty or oppose it, it's in the national interest to expose grifters. Pro-amnesty voices won't do that because they need a punching bag. Is that patriotic of them?
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.@BruceLeshan: doesn't status matter re deportations? And, who's a higher authority: @Maria_Hinojosa or the U.S. Code? @wusa9
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@Maria_Hinojosa: @TheNation "reporter" said 3x Dobbs didn't "hire" IAs as you state: (26702847899) #p2 #sgp #tlot