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Jeryl Bier
Bier rhymes w/ fear, not fire.
Freelancer, now writing The Script; Also, TWS,, @WSJ, @NRO. "Jerry" "Likes" don't always mean I like it.
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From @maggieNYT
Correction to earlier tweet - roughly $100k over 20 years.
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From @JerylBier
@maggieNYT Do you mean $100k per year for 20 years?
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From @thehowie
@JerylBier @maggieNYT That’s what she means but it is, unfortunately, very misleading. And VERY unlikely spread out evenly.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@thehowie: much more misleading behavior @AnnieLinskey & @maggieNYT engage in is not mentioning how very pro-Big Biz Liz Warren is on immigration. Warren would greatly increase labor supply, thus lowering wages. You wouldn't commit a sin of omission in a paper, would you?