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Colorado, USA
Actual Moderate. Criticizing Trump does not make you a Liberal, just sane. If you can’t make your point without saying “Rep” or “Dem”, you don’t have a point.
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Brad Parscale - Text TRUMP to 88022's avatar
From @parscale
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From @SGLandy82
@parscale #SupportTheConstitution #FakeNationalEmergency I can’t wait for this to go to the SCOTUS
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From @RyanMoore
@parscale Yes sir! We need it! #BuildIt
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@RyanMoore: hey Ryan, if you'd offered incredibly bad advice in 2011 wouldn't people remember & wouldn't it greatly harm your career? When Trump's out of office, Congress will just neglect/tear down Trump's slats. Those like you will be left holding the bag.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@SGLandy82: hey Sam, spread this 3 minute video around. It shows just how wrong @Parscale is about Twitter censorship. He can't even do basic things like look at his own replies. This is how you show how incredibly incompetent he is: