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My lil girl. My guitar. My thoughts. My God. My life....and always MY OWN WAY. Always.
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.@lybr3: I can oppose both Jason Fuller *and* @AnnCoulter cheering a psycho who drove thru an anti-Trump protest. Can you? #MAGA #resist
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MT @lybr3 "Trump must be prosecuted 4 treason, &  if convicted, executed” HuffPo's Jason Fuller ETO violent left @AnnCoulter just exposed
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From @placeholderacctignorethis
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Did Trump call Hill on her anti-American bill? MT @Q_Element RT @lybr3: Bushes had 2 be upset seeing Trump's very strong debate performance
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.@KarenMonsour12 @jjauthor @lybr3: look up Kirsten Powers fans, point out her policies would increase # of kids dying in the desert. #tcot
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@24AheadDotCom @jjauthor @lybr3 IDC! I'm a news junkie , I know what she protests. Ty @KarenMonsour12