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Nate (on the) Stone
Millennial, Jeffersonian Liberal and Socratic gadfly asking questions about politics, culture and religion. I'm also on YouTube.
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From @philipaklein
New from me: "Elizabeth Warren's candidacy failed because voters saw through her"
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From @philipaklein
Warren’s career has been been built on a series of cons dating back to her time as an academic peddling dubious med…
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From @nes_nathan
@philipaklein @brad_polumbo She had none of Sanders’ charisma or Biden’s experience and she lied to make herself ap…
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From @jerry_brennan
@philipaklein I don't expect we'll agree on this, but I don't think the issue was people seeing through…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@nes_nathan: MAGOP opposed Warren on policy (immigration..) Natl GOP made it Pocahontas 24/7; they couldn't go after her weak spot - her very pro-Big Biz immigration stance - because they basically agree with her. In his blog, @philipaklein oddly ignores where Warren is weakest
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@jerry_brennan: Warren has always been extremely vulnerable to her base over her very pro-Big Biz immigration stance. GOP & @philipaklein completely ignore where she's incredibly vulnerable. They're a fake opposition. Klein isn't intellectually honest.